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Across the Universe

Across the Universe

2/21/06 04:00 pm - "would you rather be a manly man, or a feminine woman????

so after the crazy-ness that was friday night and saturday night....i woke up sunday morning soooooo hungover. gahhh not good times. i went for some lunch w/ mr. tucker.....and then just lounged around the rest of the day...trying to make myself feel better. it wasn't easy haha.
...in the evening bryan and i met up w/ nate and we decided to have a "relaxing" night...no drinking, at danielle's...so we went over there and just hung out for a while, smoked a bit...it was chill. we watched wedding crashers and played w/ chandler..ya know. all that good stuff.
after a couple of hours, the four of us started to pass out so we decided to go home. but first we HAD TO STOP AT TACO BELL. i hate taco bell, but those other two sluts i was with wanted a crunch wrap. so i had no choice....came back to the village..and passed out.

monday was a freakin great day.
bryan woke me up.
we went to evans...and chatted about the weekend. he is my BFF!!!
thenn he had to go to work so it was back to the village for me for a bit....thennnnn over to brownlie for a cookout with the henegars and nathaniel :-)
haha i love when the henegars cook....its adorable, and it always tasts good. the weather was amazing
THE BON BON RETURNED.....haha...nate's car is fixed. yessss
lauren and i relaxed on slouchy for a while, w/ one mr. kyle henegar...while craig played golf and nate went and observed james' flight.
when nate came back me, lauren, him and kyle went and layed out by the pool...caught some rays...you know how it is lol.
afterwards i went and got ready for wing night....picked bryan up some dinner and brought it to him at the gap
then picked up nathaniel and headed out for wings :-) ....they were amazing.
thennnn....the gauntlet and there and back with bryan.
a good day - officially :-)

thus ends the three-day weekend...now back to classes....9 more days till i go home


2/3/06 02:23 pm

last night....trevi jenkins got arrested. yeah, thats right...little innocent trevi gerard jenkins...had her hands..AND HER FEET hancuffed together, and spent a night in jail...


i explain later

6/4/05 04:31 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM

heyy everybody!  it is such a gorgeous day out today...ahhh i wish that i was outside at the beach...but no...i gotta go to work soon :-/   at least ill be making money though.....

it had better be this nice tomorrow because i am going to a barbace at the dubrava's with amy and steve....woot woot - that should be so much fun.  of course though..not the same, cause emily and brian wont be there.  they are in the bahamas...so jealous lol...speaking of...
haha so tomorrow should be a lot of fun, hopefully ill get a little bit of a tan!!!!

today has been good...this morning i woke up at a decent hour and then got ready and headed back over to ATA to meet stephanie and mike.  the earlier class had just ended and we just chilled for a while with mr. trimarchi and nikki...and then they left and me steph and mike had the school to ourselves to practice our form for the tournament.  haha....i think that we finally have it pretty good - and our staggering looks cool...hopefully we will place in the tournament....i can guarantee that nikki, andrew and john will!  they look so good when they do that form..
...so we practiced - and then we just hung out in the school for a while, looking at all the photo albums and remembering all the people who have quit lol....we left at like 130....i shut down and locked up...and then we went to quiznos for some lunch, and just chilled there for like two hours...haha the three of us had a nice chat. 
i cannot wait for the chinmukwan camp - it is going to be sooo much fun.  july is going to be a kick ass month
2nd - 4th of July Picnic at our house
3th-5th.....Fourth of July in Saugerties with BRYAN TUCKER
15th-17th....ChinMuKwan Tae Kwon Do Camp in Philadelpia with all of my FAVORITE people
17th-23rd....Wildwood with my favorite neighbors...plus a very special visit from JANET DA PLANET
25th-29th...ATA Camp that i will be running and making a shitload of money from!!!!!!

my test is in six days...........................

4/12/05 05:38 pm

so i finally have my schedual for next semester....ahhh it is going to be brutal i have NO easy classes....why did i choose to be a bio major and go to this "shitty" school lol

MONDAY: Calculus II 900-950, General Genetics 1000-1050, then Organic Chem I 1200-1250
TUESDAY: Calculus II 800-915, Civilizations I 930-1045, General Genetics LAB 200-500, Intro To Karate 600-650
WEDNESDAY: the same as monday......
THURSDAY: Calculus II 800-915, Civilizations I 930-1045, Organic Chem LAB 100-500, Intro To Karate 600-650 (def the hardest day)
FRIDAY: General Genetics 1000-1050, Organic Chem I 1200-1250....(okay, so this is sorta an easy day - but then again, no day with organic chemistry is an easy day)

the housing situation next year went very smoothly - we are still living in the village/willage - and i am still living with ashley and janet...woot woot. hopefully then wont give us another roommate - and if they do - hopefully it will be somebody cool, and not somebody who will be bitchy cause we stay up till 330 in the morning each day lol. if they do suck, we can just drive them out again, that is what we did to andrea. and we have an agreement with antoine, that if she is a bitch, he is just gonna come in and be overly obnoxious to them...so hopefully they will want to leave.

next to us in chawla next year, is moot, bryan bob and alex...sweet - some of the origina mccool-ers lol, and below us is antoine, marcus (more original mccool-ers) and then ROTC billy and dave. so we will be surrounded with familar people - so that will be awsome. and next year - our apartment is going to be fabulous lol

1/25/05 02:09 am - AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

alright so im gonna tell you all about saturday lol. saturday was a really nice day - it was nice and warm the sun was out. it was great.

so janet and i woke up pretty early because we had to go on a bio lab - field lab at the indian river lagoon, and jump in the river w/ big nets to go collect some fish to study the biodiversity of the lagoon lol. yeah - didn't really want to get all wet but what are you gonna do lol. so i called georg to make sure that he was awake, and then we met up with him and went to breakfast at evan's before heading to the river. once we got there it really wasn't too bad - haha janet and i had sexy watershoes lol. yeah - i know that you all are jealous lol. umm we had to catch and measure fish - and janet and i went in the water....the furthest that you possible could have gone....chest deep.....farther than georg who only went waist deep - DORK. but it really wasn't that bad - it was actually kinda fun....though the lab report that we have to write will not be fun...PICTURES...PICTURES...

title or description
haha me and my sexy austrian georg............both of us in very stylish gucci sunglasses lol - his just happen to be janet's lol. ahh good times...collecting fish.

title or description
and now me, georg and janet..........woot - look at the kick ass water shoes lol

....after the lab janet, georg and i went to lunch at arby's...........georg paid............hes so sweet lol......and we had a nice chat about how he kept getting hit on by men when he was in fort lauderdale lol. i mean - how could anybody resist georg lol!!!!

throughout the day - i cleaned up a little and did some laundry - took a nap - did some homework....and then just chilled on the street talking to the security guard jr. with sidd, georg, and barron about barron's crazy driving incident the night before lol. haha it was fun.............but then it was time to go back to the apartment and get ready for CLUB PARIS.

haha so janet and i got all dressed up and ready, and then went outside and met up with sidd, georg, bob, barron, stacy, ramon hall bryan, and torr (he's from norway) to go to club paris. everybody look bloody marvalous lol. so we all get in the cars.......i rode down w/ janet and bob...and we all head to orlando. the club was actually really easy to get to....but once we got there parking was another story lol. THERE WERE SOOOO MANY PEOPLE THERE.........the line to get in was most def around the corner lol. we might go back next weekend - and then sidd is going to call wayyyy ahead and get VIP seating so that we dont have to wait in the stupid line :) but yeah...we waited for quite a while...and then we were finally on the red carpet part...pretty close to the door...but there were still a decent amount of people in front of us pushing, and complaining and waiting to get in....then all of a sudden one of the bouncers points at stacy - asks her how many people are in her party - and then says we can all go in. it was so cool....stacy just grabbed bryan who was closest to her and just starts to pull all of us into the club. it was kickass - we cut a shitload of people.........they were all pissed off - but it was so awsome.....and they didn't even card any of us...granted janet and i were the only ones we were under 21.......but still.....nobody got carded....and we payed the 21+ price lol. so it was majorally sweet!!!! but yeah - the club was awsome - it is soooo cool inside, and pink and paris hilton-ish. its very cute.....and then upstairs in the VIP section there are all giant bed's and couches that you can sit on. but yeah it was so much fun - the dj played really good music........sidd bought me a drink and so did georg............then sidd also bought a bottle of champagne for all of us. it was so much fun. though there was this old skeevy guy that wouldn't leave me alone it was really annoying - i didn't like it. yeah that was the only downside to the club - guys had to be over 21........guys under weren't allowed in, so all the guys were older.....but oh well what are you gonna do. ummm georg and barron rescued me from the skeevy guy (i think that barron was going to kick his ass lol...because that is what he would have done in turkey lol)...........sidd just laughed at me...ass hole lol. but yeah - it was all good.........danced w/ everybody....our group was just so cool lol........torr spilled his beer on me lol...oops!!! but it was really an AMAZING TIME!!!!!!!!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN, and couldn't have asked to be there w/ cooler people. though bob was being a dick and was pissed at georg for dancing w/ janet...........because he is like obsessed w/ janet......damn he was acting like an ass hole lol. but we didn't let bob ruin the night...so thanks to sidd, georg, janet, barron, stacy, bryan and torr for making it another great night!!!!!

rode home w/ janet while sidd georg and barron followed us w/ sidd driving barron's car. yeah so there were like 4 tolls on the way home......and because all three of them had bought janet and i some drinks the least that we could do was to pay for their tolls.........so the three times that we go to the tolls when we got up to the window we payed and told the lady in the booths that we were paying for the car behind us...............and we were gonna do it for the last one too.......but then when we get to the tolls.........sidd speeds up like a crazy person - gets in front of us - and then pays our toll. damn - he spends so much money on us, and he wont even let us pay his toll. I LOVE SIDD - HE'S A VERY CLASSY GUY!!!!

we finally get back to school at like 500...........go to the hot pocket store for some food.........say goodnight and thankyou to everybody - and then i went to my room and CRASHED lol.....

ahh so sunday i slept late...till like 330 in the afternoon......and when i woke up all i planned on doing the whole day was cleaning the apartment and doing some homework to get ahead......yeah that didnt happen lol. at 430...janet and i each get phone calls.......her's from georg, and me from sidd......and they are both like........"JANET - MOLLY POLLY.....WE'RE HUNGRY!!! HUNGRY! HUNGRY!! we want food - NOW!!!!" and then like 5minutes later they are banging on our door lol. haha so we get dressed really fast and then decided to go to TGI FRIDAYS..........the dinner was amazingly good lol - but the company was even better. had a great dinner with the two of them...and we all shared a dessert and some baily's. .....sidd and georg paid for the whole thing again.....i <3 them both :) it was so much fun - we were there for a really long time...........just chatting and having a nice relaxing dinner. i even let sidd wear my burberry scarf lol............it smells like him now though lol. umm came back to school at like 830 and they came and chilled in our apartment for a while........yeah......me, janet sidd and georg all in my bed lol - that was rather interesting.........had an amazing night w/ them yet again............and got no work accomplished oh well

woot woot - went to chem at 800...bio at 900....then janet and i met up w/ sidd and georg for some coffe before me sidd and georg all had writing about lit............georg paid for all our coffees..........I LOVE GEORG!!! i swear - i haven't spent any of my own money all weekend because they just keep buying everything. they are very generous......and if you offer to pay - they yell at you lol. so we had our coffees.......sat in the grass and drank them. me sidd and georg all went to writing about like like 15minutes late lol. it was hysterical when we walked in lol........dr. perdigao just laughed lol......and said that sidd and georg were corrupting because i used to show up on time last semster lol. um then i went to lunch at the sub with georg, ana, and barron. it was good times. came back to the apartment........went to calc............came back..........took a nap...........did some homework...........and then got an IM from georg, "me and sidd want to go get dinner at 'el chico' would you ladies like to come with???" so of course we went - barron came too. that dinner was soooo much fun - barron is hysterical talking about life in turkey............hes nuts lol. umm dinner was amzing........the waitress thought we were crazy lol...............janet and i tried to offer some money for dinner but barron wouldn't let us, "ladies don't pay at my table" .........ahhhh so again sidd georg and barron bought us dinner..............

janet and i decided that in the very near future we are going to take the three of them out to dejeune.........and REFUSE to let them pay.............we are going to treat them..........no matter how much they protest........its the least that we could do...........they have spent soooo much money on us..........so we are going to take them out to dinner :)

so yeah..........it was another amazing couple of days: but now i have to go to bed


"holy bloody hell - they didn't even card me - that was sooo awsome! i feel so empowered - like i can do anything lol - i want to go buy myself a drink" -- janet @ club paris
"FUCK!!!' --barron and sidd @ the exact same time, when the time came for them to walk across the wet grass in their gucci and armani shoes
"its colder in connecticut than MOSCOW!!!!!!!!! that is so wrong!" -- me.........yeah it was colder in florida than in alaska - no lie
"is his name dean??? the student body - like bodies - like different weight classes....so im bigger - im in a bigger class w/ a bigger dean - and you are with the smaller dean" --barron misunderstanding the concept of the dean of students and the student body....

1/16/05 09:48 pm

yeah....so the secret is out!!!! i went to a strip club on thursday night lol!!!!!!! some people may say, "eewwww i cant believe that you went to a place like that" or "i would never expect YOU to go somewhere like that" or a bunch of other things approving or disapproving with the fact that i went lol....but when the suggestion came up that we go - i said, "what the hell, why not?" i figured that it would be an interesting experience - and i was right, and im glad that i went because, i must say, that besides the skeevy guys and girls that were there lol.....it was a lot of fun!!!!

yeah so, i went with janet da planet (she had never been to one either), patrick and josh....we hang out a lot with them at school, but this was like the first time that we really went anywhere with them that wasn't the beach. it was GREAT to hang with them....i love the two of them to death - they are awsome lol. but yeah - we left at like 1000 and got there at like 11. the place was called cheaters and it was up in cocoa beach...patrick's home territory lol. umm the drive up was pretty funny because josh was already shit-faced and he was hysterical!!!! yeah the place was kinda skeevy and so were a lot of the guys that were there - but it was all good because i was with my friends! josh looks like he is about 23 years old so the bar kept serving him and the was buying drinks for everybody (not for me though - because i drove...and i don't party like that - he got me a couple diet cokes lol) but he was just getting more and more drunk, and more and more funny lol. he tickled one of the strippers lol.....umm and patrick and josh can talk you into some things lol....they are dorks lol. there were some announcements by the dj (hahaha), dollar bills and shirts lol, and then josh's INFAMOUS lap dance that he doesn't even remember...nor does he remember supposedly oweing the stripper 10 dollars and then not having it, and janet and i having to bail him out lol. like i said before - it was an interesting experience and im glad that i went because it is deffinitly a story to tell people lol....it was also a really good bonding time w/ janet, patrick and josh!!!

the ride home was sooooooooo funny....because josh was sooooooo drunk. but of course, patrick wasn't and he wanted to stop and get some more beer, but josh was incapable of buying because he was just too out of it. haha he tried to buy an 18 pack with two dollars and a florida tech ID - yeah didn't really work. we eventually just ended up stopping at patricks house and getting some there....but it was a great time! i had fun - and i would def go again.

QUOTES OF THE EVENING (all by josh lol)
"yo - all strippers are bitches" -- josh kraft
"yo yo yo molly....the car, did you see the car??? it just drove by - with the HYDROLICS!!!!" -- josh
"you gotta keep it on the flo yo, on the flo" -- josh

1/14/05 02:17 am

its 2:17 in the morning..........i just got home...........i am very very very tired indeed..........

all you people out there will NEVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER guess where i was this evening!!!! probably one of the LAST places that you would ever expect to find me lol. GO ON - GUESS WHERE I WAS - ill give you 10 chances lol.......

anyways - i went with patrick, josh and janet.....it was an experience!! i mean - that is what college is about right. new experiences. now come on - you know you want to guess .............

ciao ciao all - i have chem at 800 tomorrow morning - i need some sleep

1/12/05 10:14 am - PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES.....

janet scanned a bunch of pictures from right before the break....so i thought that i would post them, just because i have an hour in between classes and that is not enough time to take a nap...and im bored lol!!

title or description
me, janet and ashley chillin outside at dejeune after dinner with sidd and georg....this restaurant is sooo nice

title or description
The Roommates + Georg.....still at dejeune

title or description
sebastian, eric, georg, me, gian and ashley at dejeune the next night for sidd's 22nd birthday party

title or description
awww me and sidd...the birthday boy!!!

title or description
bob, me, ashley, josh, "stewie" and patrick just chillin the 200 McKool!!!

title or description
THE ROOMMATES: ashley (w/ her eyes closed lol) janet and me

title or description
haha me and the roomie!!! mr. patrick morgan lol

title or description
me, sidd, and janet after finals had ended.....having a little celebration

title or description
me with my favorite austrian georg.....haha yeah red sweaters lol

title or description
me and janet da planet (yeah and that would be half of brian's face in the cornor lol)

title or description
"fuck molecular biology - he's gonna be a model" haha - georg...the model pose...yeah this was taken like two days ago - the first night that everybody was back...it was fun

title or description
The Pose X2....haha even sexier than the first don't you thing?

title or description
last, but not least.....janet and sidd!!!

haha well there you go - i have to go to class soon!!


1/12/05 02:18 am - Back at the AMAZING McKool Hall..............its great to be back...and i'm having fun :)

yes, i deffinitly think that it is time for an update dont you? and i know that you all have been waiting for one lol. haha so....

I'M BACK AT FLORIDA TECH - and im really glad to be back. I missed everybody sooooooooooooooooo much. and i am really going to miss everybody back at home, friends, family and tkd - but it really does feel nice to be back here - i missed not seeing all of these AMAZING people every day!!!

yeah so going back to school didn't really start off too smoothly - though i have been having a great time since being back. but yeah - im driving to the air port and i get and call and janet is like, "yeah - im still in new jersey - i def just missed my flight" DAMMIT JANET lol! grr...so that kinda screwed up the plans alittle bit, because she was supposed to be the first one to fly in - then she was going to get my car, which is at her brothers house, come back and pick up ashley, and then get me. but now......ashley and i landed, we had to chill in the air port for a while (janet wouldn't be landing till 930 at night)....but we did see JERSEY MATT at the food court in the airport. he was picking up some other people - haha it was great to see him again. matt's a nice kid - and he and janet are going to come down and visit me while i am in wildwood over the summer, so that should be awsome!! but yeah - then ashley and i got picked up by one of janet's brother's friends, and she brought us to chad's house so that i could get my car, and we drove back to the airport and picked up JANET DA PLANET!! so the three of us are finally reunited (haha - yeah we are so cool) and we go back to chad's house to drop off something, and then we finally head back to FIT!!!

we get to the school literally at 1200 at night lol! park in front of our home-sweet-home mcKool and start to unload everything. and the minute we get to our door the door across the hall opens and we are greet by ANTOINE, MARCUS, GAUTHIER, and KENNEDY!! great to see our neighbors again. so we chilled with them for a little while. ryan brought back my suitcase! determined that antione and i have the exact same labs! partner? that could either be a good thing or a bad thing lol...and marcus is in my writing about lit class so that is sweet!! umm kennedy's brother was there so we met him and they proceed to take our extra bed out of our apartment - yeah the whole thing, and bring it into their apartment, so that we could sleep on it. umm we left out door propped open and the guys across the hall left theirs open so that we could walk freely between apartments...and then who comes down the stairs...MOOT!!!! ahhh he was so excited to see us lol - and i was glad to see him again. i missed moot - and moot kicks ass too! so yeah, he came in for a while, and talked to us and just hung out. and then more people came to see us...DAN and ALEX. haha good to see them too...so ashley and i got to park my car and we run into...JOSH....aww i missed josh, and i haddn't seen him for a while - so he came up and hung out with us and moot for a long time...just talking. but then (because i have 900 dollars in flex cash) i was going to go to the vending machine to get a soda and....

then, who do i run into outside of ramon hall, none other than the one and only...GEORG!!! omg - it was so awsome to see him again. i most deffinitly missed him...and he was so far away...all the way in austria! ahhh so i saw him and he gave me a big hug and a kiss hello and i ended up not going to get my soda...but instead just stood out there and talked to him for like 45 minutes about totally random things...such a "D" and the sound of music, gummy life-savers, and our grades...way to get a C in university experience - the easiest class ever! Haha, but yeah I had fun chillin with the awesome, Austrian georg….and he was supposed to over to our apartment for a while, but he never did (hmm dork lol) and I finally went to go get the sodas – like an hour after they were promised…and moot and josh were still over – so I chilled with them some more, before exploding the suitcase….and going to bed!

Ahhh so after going to bed late on my first day back – I then had to wake up early to go to my chem II lecture at 800 in the morning…that kinda sucked…Antoine is in my class – again, can be a good thing or a bad thing lol….hes good in chem though! Dr. baloga just jumped right into everything – and started w/ the equilibrium constant – I am not looking forward to this class lol. its going to be hard  after chem I called janet so that she would get her ass out of bed and come bio with me lol….yeah I had bio..and I saw STACY and BECKY and BRANDON and GIAN…im glad that they are all in my bio again – they are all really nice kids. Umm yeah….a certain Austrian DID NOT go to bio AGAIN even though he said that he was going to, and I asked his roommate gian where he was…..”georg – oh yeah….hes still in bed!!” haha way to start the semester off strong georg lol……then I had a hour break where…what did I do – oh I went to breakfast at evans with janet…it was okay lol. then it was my writing about lit class….yeah – georg didn’t show up to that class either lol…but I walked in, and yeah there is only one other girl in the ENTIRE class lol……..but there are def cool people in that class – im so excited. It seems like a lot of work, but I think that I will have fun in it. Yeah the shit-load of cool people in that class: marcus, sidd, georg, jordi, greg, darrin, the chem lab guy……….so yeah I think it should be fun. And Gauthier and bryan have the same class just at another time, so we will all be doing the same work lol. umm then another break where I got a IM from PATRICK – THE 4TH ROOMMATE!! Aww haddn’t seen Patrick in a really long time. I missed him lol – yeah so he imed me and we decided that we were going to attempt to go buy our books…yeah the attempt was a waste of time because its really crazy in there and we bought nothing….no C++’s lol! so Patrick came back to the apartment with me for a while and just chilled until I had to go to calc I with STACY and FREDDY!

On the way to calc w/ stacy….i had a huge surprise….who do I see walking towards me…..SIDD….haha I didn’t know that he was back from brazil (he had just gotten back) and I so excited to see him lol! aww I missed sidd, and he missed me, so it was sooooo awesome to see him again. So we stood there and talked to him for while until we were late for calc…..haha as we were leaving he was like…”were drinking tonight – party!!!” oh man!

went to calc – it sucked lol…left calc…was walking back with freddy when I saw some very cool people chillin by the sub…yeah it was sidd, georg, bob and Brandon. So went over there and chilled with them for a while. Brandon left…and then I went back to bob’s apartment with the three of them and had a corona – yeah I know – the middle of the day…but what are you gonna do lol. umm chilled there for a long time with them and also Jason, bob’s roommate…these other tow coolness people from ramon named stacy and brian…and then this new person that they have in their building from Norway named torr! Haha yeah for more Europeans lol. um yeah chilled there and then went outside for a while they all smoked and georg attempted to ride a skateboard but then fell on his ass but it was really, really funny lol! poor georg – hes okay though lol. umm then we all went BACK to the sub because everybody was hungray. Ohh I had a wrap – it was sooo good lol. umm just ended up chillin at the sub, outside, till it closed with all the coolness people from brown and ramon, and the new guy torr. After a really, really long time at the sub I finally went back to the apartment, but made plans with all of them to go out to get sushi that night, and then to just “hang out”

Then I went back to the apartment and chilled w/ janet and Ashley for a while. I went to clemente for a smoothie w/ Ashley – it was so good. And then came back and decided that I wasn’t gonna go get sushi with everybody lol – I wasn’t ready and didn’t want to make them late. There ended up to be a lot of people going, but I was gonna chill when they got back. Umm janet, Ashley and I then went to rent the sound of music for georg because it was filmed in Austria and he is Austrian and shit and he has never seen it lol. we also rented blow, because that movie just kicks major ass lol. umm came back to the Columbia villiage…saw COLIN and talked w/ him outside for a while…and then went and chilled in the apartment with Patrick again for a while. I went to go get a soda and on the way back, saw sidd and georg again, and they were chillin…partying in bob’s apartment, and they invited me and janet to go and chill too. Went back to the apartment…got changed…and then headed over to ramon hall

Haha yeah so I went over to bobs apartment and there were a bunch of people over there….i hang out w/ sidd, georg, and bob a lot but not too much…all the other people who were there…but they were all really nice, and I was getting to know them…so they kept calling me the “new girl” because I didn’t live I ramon, they didn’t really know me that well, and I was like the only one under 21 years old (ahh but oh well, what are you gonna do). It was a lot of fun though! I played a game of kings w/ like everybody who was there….haha it was rather interesting….damn “make a rule!” the boys weren’t too happy for the longest time though lol! haha then we went outside for a while, while all the Europeans smoked lol…and I took a walk w/ georg over to his apartment, and just chilled w/ him in his room for a while. Ummm went back over to ramon…janet came! Woot woot - janet da planet lol……sidd went to bed (for a little while lol) and then I played another game of kings just me, janet, georg, and bob. Haha that was a lot of fun…georg was slowly getting shit-faced…and bob already was…so it was pretty entertaining….after the 2nd game we were gonna play just one more, when sidd came back….because he found some money lol.. yeah, that’s right – he found a shit-load of money that he didn’t know that he had lol. I wish I could find some hidden money – he was so excited lol. so yeah – we played one more game, but this time sidd joined us. They also found hidden corona’s lol….bob though he was all out of beer, but then georg randomly opened one of the draws and found like 15 coronas there….lol. it was rather funny. After a long fun evening….janet and I finally said good night to sidd, georg, and bob (but not before some talk about brazil……) and we had to go to bed……….

For the first two nights back at school…..i would say that they were pretty fun!!!

** “never have I ever…..georg!!! what are you doing” –everybody else in the room lol
** “MMMMmmm that dick tastes good” –brian (very loudly as the RA walks in….and then slowly walks back out lol….btw…don’t ask)
** “cheers to sidd’s money!!!” --bob (after finding the hidden money….and saying that he wants to go out to dinner lol)

1/5/05 10:56 pm - AHHHH im bored lol

Your Life: The Soundtrack

*Opening Credits: "We Will Become Silhouettes" by The Postal Service
*Waking Up: "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles / George Harrison
*Average Day: "What's My Age Again" by Blink-182 (haha)
*First Date: "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional, "This Night" by Billy Joel (def my fav song by him)
*Falling in Love: "As Lovers Go" by Dashboard Confessional
*Love Scene: "Love In An Elevator" by Aerosmith (haha - okay that is a funny one)
*Fight Scene: "Another on Bites the Dust" by Queen, "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran (im talking about an physical fight here...haha - not like a screaming fight)
*Breaking Up: "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers (ohhh good jealously song lol), "The Best Deceptions" by Dashboard Confessional
*Getting Back Together: "I Need You Back" by Ben Kweller, "(Just Like) Starting Over" by John Lennon
*Secret Love: "Hurricane" by Something Corporate
*Life’s Okay: "A Praise Chorus" by Jimmy Eat World
*Mental Breakdown: "My Own Worst Enemy" by LIT, "I Am The Walrus" by The Beatles
*Driving: “Back Seat of My Car" by Wings / Paul McCartney
*Learning a Lesson: "All These Things That I Have Done" by The Killers
*Deep Thought: "Title and Registration" by Death Cab For Cutie, "A Sunday" by Jimmy Eat World
*Flashback: "In My Life" by The Beatles
*Partying: “Y Yo Sigo Aqui" by Paulina Rubio, "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers, "Little Red Corvette" by Prince
*Happy Dance: "The Reflex" by Duran Duran
*Regretting: "If You Can't Leave it Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed" by Dashboard Confessional, "A Lack of Color" by Death Cab For Cutie (ahhh i love this song)
*Long Night Alone: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, "Globes and Maps" by Something Corporate, "Captain Jack" by Billy Joel
*Death Scene: "Here You Me" by Jimmy Eat World
Closing Credits: "Band on the Run" by Wings / Paul McCartney
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